We Use Only Safe, Certified, and Effective Products!

Capitol Mosquito Control offers ORGANIC, all-natural chemical, and poison free solutions at no additional cost.
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Our standard formula uses all-natural botanical EverGreen® Pyrethrum Concentrate, certified safe, and effective as a least-toxic alternative by the Environmental Protection Agency. Attentive, professional service by a trained pest control specialist. For your peace of mind, we never use any restricted-use pesticides and actively pursue solutions that are gentle on the environment. We prefer products that will not harm the pollinators such as butterflies, bees, and ladybugs. We offer very competitive rates and will beat any competitor's advertised price for a comparable service. We'll remind you in advance of an upcoming treatment and leave a door hanger reminding you that we stopped by. Our treatment forms an invisible barrier that mosquitoes will not cross - repellent lasts up to a month after application as it breaks down naturally in sunlight.

Our all-natural botanic & organic products are formulated for the unique conditions in and around the National Capitol Region. We use only solutions in the OMRI products list. CMC uses a patented aerosolizing process to fabricate a fine product mist. This cold mist will quickly eliminate any adult mosquitoes, as well as ticks and fleas that encounter the spray. After a short 30 minute drying time, it will not transfer to animals or humans. The dried residue forms a barrier that continues to protect your space for the next three weeks. What’s really awesome is that it is absolutely effective in a dense urban neighborhood like Capitol Hill or DuPont. Even if your neighbors choose not to treat their space, your space remains protected for up to a month! Mosquitoes simply refuse to cross that barrier! Weather you choose our 100% organic product or our botanical pyrethrin solution both break down completely through the natural process of photodegradation and hydrolysis from rain with no fear of any toxic buildup!